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PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: NewSpring Church Greenwood

NewSpring Church’s Greenwood campus is a few towns away from TL Hanna High School in Anderson. 

Pastor Matt Alley knew he would be a pastor since he was in 9th grade at TL Hanna and sometime after that, he knew that Greenwood was where God wanted him to go. 

Pastor, Matt Alley Doing Podcast

Matt and Erin, his wife of 14 years, and their daughter Mattie and son Jase have been in Greenwood ever since.

Pastor Matt Alley & Family

How did Pastor Matt know to come to Greenwood? “God told me, he said.  Sharing the significance of the wall hangings in his church office, especially the plaque depicting Isaiah 41:17-20. 

Pastor Alley Describing Picture

Matt points out that his commitment to Greenwood started long ago when God made it clear his specific vision of Greenwood as a city on a hill. 

Citing a solid foundation, protective walls around it, and a refuge for the lonely and desperate. He sees NewSpring’s role as the light emanating from darkness. 

Pastor Matt further explains that the partnership with Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) stems from his belief in Kingdom work. Kingdom-minded, gospel-centered people working together to meet Greenwood’s needs. 

large inside worship-1

On any given Sunday, 700 to 800 people pour into the sanctuary.  Alley counts as members people who are engaged by serving, participating in small groups, and/or giving.  

He says he counts approximately 930 members at NewSpring’s Greenwood campus. 

Upbeat, funny, and at no loss for words, 38-year-old Pastor Matt was thrilled to share his vision for NewSpring, “We want everyone everywhere to have an everyday relationship with Jesus.”

There is a particular focus on children. Even the very young, explaining the church’s commitment to KidsSpring as one example. 

Kids Spring Director Shannon Mountz

He and KidsSpring Director Shannon Mountz shared the church’s ongoing mission to bring children close to the word of God through various creative exercises, including working with and identifying different emotions. 

Both marveled at examples of youngsters asking spiritual and biblical questions at home with their parents. Alley and Mountz explained how children are taught biblical verses by memorizing them through songs.

They joyfully mentioned that the NewSpring creative team takes care of all their content and video production in-house.


The Greenwood Campus of NewSpring is now one of 13 in South Carolina. 

Its origin in Greenwood is the Old Walmart Building, transformed into the mega-church starting in the summer of 2011 and opening its doors in December 2012. 

The partnership between NewSpring and Greater Greenwood United Ministry started shortly after and has grown through the years as GGUM’s board member and former chair, Shannon Mountz has been actively involved for many years, as have other NewSpring members who have volunteered. 

Also, the church makes monthly donations and supports other ministry funding efforts, notably GGUM ministry signature fundraiser, “Music for Ministry” as a Soprano sponsor. 

Music for Ministry 2023

As the “Music for Ministry” fundraiser continues to break attendance records, NewSpring has agreed to share its large sanctuary to host the 2024 10th Anniversary “Music for Ministry Event!”

NewSpring Church and Greater Greenwood United Ministry is a partnership advancing God’s Kingdom.  

Listen to Pastor Alley as he shares his own perspective.


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