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Spotlight on North Side Baptist Church

Pastor Jeff Lethco believes supporting Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) gives North Side Baptist Church a healthy way to meet people’s needs.

Lethco has been the lead pastor of North Side for more than 20 years, and the Church has been a pivotal supporter of Greater Greenwood United Ministry for as many years and more.

North Side Baptist Church

Lethco has been quoted often referencing his “light” analogy.

He believes the way one focuses is the key to effectiveness, describing his theory that a precise laser beam approach achieves far more than a flashlight approach.

Greater Greenwood United Ministry is grateful to be one of the focal points of North Side’s laser beam.

The partnership with North Side provides critical funding for GGUM’s programs and services.

The church also further demonstrated its support by hosting GGUM’s signature fundraiser, “Music for Ministry,” for many years.

Music for Ministry at North Side Baptist Church

Scholarly, mission-minded Lethco recently sat down opposite a cell phone camera to talk about the longtime partnership.

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