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Partner Spotlight: New Journey Church

Not Just a One-Hit Wonder!

That’s how New Journey Church’s Pastor David McIntyre depicts Greater Greenwood United Ministry.

High Praise by the leader of a church, which one might describe the same way.

Pastor David McIntyre

McIntyre has been pastor of New Journey Church since 2018, though back then it was called Hyde Park Baptist. The name was changed to New Journey Church in 2019.

He leads a congregation of about 120 people with a lively, robust delivery, and foot tapping, head bobbing modern worship Sundays at 10:30.

We caught up with the energetic McIntyre at his church office recently.

Filled with shelves of books and family photos, it’s a warm space with walls lined with statements that define principles of his daily mission for New Journey.

Pastor David says the church’s mission is clear.

“New Journey Church exists to help all people experience new life in Jesus Christ and continually grow their journey with him. Our journey is to help you with yours.”


Regarding the 3-year long partnership between Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) and New Journey, the pastor describes the relationship as tremendous.

He considers the partnership huge. He explains that he’s so impressed that GGUM has so many arms that reach so many people for different things, explaining that’s what he means when he says GGUM is “not just a one-hit wonder”.

He mentions some of what he calls “the so many different aspects” of the ministry such as free medical care and eviction prevention.

His face visibly lights up when he points out that New Journey is a host of "Music for Ministry."

McIntyre explains that not only has GGUM’s "Music for Ministry" event raised exposure of New Journey Church to new people, gaining new church members as a result, but the event has had a huge impact on the church’s own ministry.

Music for Ministry- New Journey Church Worship Team

He says, “we always like to think we’re ministering to people but we had to step back and say, wow "Music for Ministry" is really ministering to us.

It’s been a game-changer for our church, and we hope to host "Music for Ministry" for many more years to come”, he says with a very broad smile.

New Journey and "Music for Ministry," not just a one hit wonder, but a game changer!

Yes, We’re better together. Another thing Pastor David is fond of saying.

Pastor David McIntyre has been married to Kim McIntyre for 7 years. Kim also plays an active role at New Journey Church and in the Greenwood community. The couple has three children and four grands, including granddaughter Teagan seen in the photo.

David, Kim and grandchild

Click on the video below to hear from Pastor David in his own words.

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