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Greater Greenwood United Ministry and Self Regional Healthcare Ring in the New Year “On A Mission!”

January marks the 5th month that both the Non-Profit and one of its major funders, join forces to take HealthCare directly to the people of Saluda.

Dr. Coleman Robinson, Greater Greenwood United Ministry (GGUM) board member and medical clinic director, says the mobile medical clinic partnership is like “Mission Work.”


The clinic currently meets the first Thursday monthly, seeing walk-in patients at a small church in Saluda, Iglesia Camino De La Fe Cristiana on Batesburg Highway.

As many as a dozen patients have been seen on visits, and so far, Greater Greenwood United Ministry now serves as the medical home to at least 40 patients resulting from the Saluda mobile clinic initiative.

The Self Regional Healthcare's Community Health Team

Self Regional Healthcare’s (SRH) Community Health Team sets up shop with its nurse practitioner, a nurse, and its community health educator.

Self Regional Healthcare Team-1

Seated left to right in the image above is the Self Regional Healthcare's Community Health Team - Nurse Practitioner, Shaye Young, Tyra Murray SRH Community Health Educator, and Stephanie Hughes, DHEC Community Services.

Ms. Murray, SRH’s Community health educator says, the hospital is seeing a lot of engagement from Saluda patients, and it is pleased to meet patients where they are, tackling both the transportation barrier and the social determinants of health.

Donna Admitting Patients-2

Greater Greenwood United Ministry’s team includes one of its doctors, its in-house pharmacist, Larry Tompkins and a translator for Spanish-speaking patients, and the Ministry’s Medical Clinic Coordinator, Donna Trap.

Getting Ready-1

Patients including adults and children get medical screenings and actual medical care, including medicine prescribed and dispensed.   

Doctor Colemand and Pharmacist Larry Tompkins-1 

Both Self Regional Healthcare and Greater Greenwood United Ministries are eyeing Edgefield, SC as a future mobile clinic sight.

SRH and GGUM is a partnership that takes Community Healthcare services to a “Higher” level. GGUM’s work is service for a “Higher” Power!

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