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Christian Women's Job Corps Gearing Up For Greenwood

For 25 years, (since 1997), Christian Women’s Job Corps has been transforming the lives of women.

The international organization has 122 sites in the US and 13 sites in 3 other countries.

Christian Women’s Job Corps is a compassion ministry of WMU (Woman's Missionary Union) and is an auxiliary of the Southern Baptist Convention that was founded in 1888. It is the largest Protestant missions organization for women in the world.

CWJC equips women in a Christian context, for life and employment, giving women hope for their futures.

The Starfish Connection CWJC Advisory Council

The Starfish Connection CWJC Advisory Council

CWJC sites impact lives by offering:

CWJC computer-lab
  • Bible Study
  • High school equivalency diploma preparation
  • English as a second language classes
  • Computer classes
  • Mentoring
  • Job readiness skills

Success Stories From CWJC Participants
From Other Chapters

Susans Story-1

Jasmines Story-1

Greater Greenwood United Ministry Joins Forces With CWJC

Greater Greenwood United Ministry’s Executive Director, Rosemary Bell has been nursing the concept of starting a Greenwood CWJC site for several years now. She’s visited other CWJC sites, such as Rock Hill, studying the organization.

Bell says, she’s felt driven to bring the concept to Greenwood, and that God is making it a reality.

“I believe CWJC is important to make a difference in the financial sustainability in the lives of women and their children in our community by offering Christ-centered assistance and mentorships to women who may not otherwise have that kind of support.”

Mentoring and Teaching

The end-goal is to interrupt the cycle of generational poverty, to offer motivation, hope and new beginnings, with faith-based support and mentorship from Christian women.

The impending Greenwood Chapter has its own input as illustrated by the “Starfish” Analogy.

The Starfish Connection


“Regenerating lives for God’s Purpose.”


R- Reaching individuals to

E- Empower

A- And


H- Hope through the Foundation of God’s Word.

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