Greater Greenwood United Ministry
1404 Edgefield Street, Greenwood, S.C. 29646
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The Crisis Ministry conducts interviews with clients who are experiencing a life crisis to assess their need.
Assistance is available in the following areas:

  • Financial Assistance
     -   Rent Eviction
     -   Utility Disconnection     
  • Food
  • Homeless Referral
  • Free Eyeglasses (through Lions Club)·
  • Counseling
     -   Budget
     -   Career
     -   Emotional
     -   Spiritual
     -   Legal

Intervention Plans are being shared with clients that could benefit from completing a job search, job coaching, learning how to manage their personal finances, applying for food stamps, etc. The Intervention Plan is shared with them to promote personal accountability and assist them in preventing a future life crisis. Many clients do not realize that they can make better life choices which can change their chronic need for assistance.  The Intervention Plan also serves as documentation as to the steps covered, required, and completed by the client. The steps included in a client’s Intervention Plan are based on the client’s individual situation.

The following intervention steps are currently being required:

  • Job Search with The Job Connection of the local Goodwill Industries
  • Job Coaching Session offered at the Ministry
  • Budget Coaching Session offered at the Ministry


In 1997, the Free Medical Clinic was added to the services of Greater Greenwood United Ministry to assure that those persons residing in Greenwood County without medical insurance or Medicaid have access to medical care and that their medical needs are being met.  The clinic received certification through the SC Free Clinic Association in August, 2014.

Medical Services Include:

  • Physician Visits and Examinations
  • Lab and X-Ray
  • Prescriptions
  • On-Site Pharmacy (for GGUM patients)
  • Medical Counseling
  • Referral Service to Hospital and Specialists
  • Dental Services (Extractions ONLY)

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